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Window & door crown moldings – an impressive and elegant way of covering curtain rods and tracks

Embracing the latest trend, we decided to create a unique product which will help you complete your interior in a beautiful way. While decorating a house or an apartment, we pay more attention to certain details more than other ones. It happens because we are usually limited by the range of solutions available on the market.

For example, we are all familiar with a traditional, widely used way of hanging curtains, drapes or blinds. Nowadays, there are two main kinds of curtain hanging systems available on the market – curtain rods and tracks. Both solutions look unattractive and leave the hanging mechanism visible. It is of course possible to use drywall to cover it, but this could be very time and labor consuming and involve major construction.

Keeping in mind that creating a perfect interior design involves paying close attention to datails that make your interior feel complete, we decided to expand our offer. We created a new element, which covers the standard curtain rod or track while at the same time perfectly matching our other products. We named it a „Crown”.
We developed four standard models, which makes it possible to create a perfect match for every type of interior.

MDF window & door crown molding – K0

A decorative crown made of MDF, K0 model. Height 160mm, Side length 220mm, color: white semi matte.

korona okienna drzwiowa K0
korona okienno drzwiowa K0

MDF window & door crown molding – K1

A decorative crown made of MDF, K1 model. Height 160mm, Side length 220mm, color: white semi matte.

korona okienna drzwiowa K1
korona okienno drzwiowa K1

MDF window & door crown molding –K2

A decorative crown made of MDF, K2 model. Height 190mm, Side length 250mm, color: white semi matte.

korona okienna drzwiowa K2
korona okienno drzwiowa K2

MDF window & door crown molding –K3

A decorative crown made of MDF, K3 model. Height 210mm, Side length 250mm, color: white semi matte.

korona okienna drzwiowa K3
korona okienno drzwiowa K3
korony dekoracyjne nad drzwi mdf

MDF decorative crowns – Catalog


Structure: The material base for the product is MDF board, which is formatted to the desired size in the first step. After necessary preparations, the product is varnished in order to be transformed into a high-quality product. In the next step, drape & curtain hanging system elements, along with mounting brackets, are attached to the crown.

Technical parameters:

– standard side length: 22 cm, height (basic model) 16 cm.
– front surface lengths depends on the dimensions of door and window openings. We suggest adding 20 cm margins to the length of an opening per each side.
– We suggest adding 20 cm margins to the length of an opening per each side.
– Front board thickness: 12mm.
– Top board thickness: 18mm.
– decorative elements (KO2,KO3) made from pine wood.

Hanging system is made from the highest quality metal with 4 screw anchors ø 10mm and 2 spots for extra screws. The product is easy to install: The crown (with a hanger installed on it) should be pressed against the wall installation board. The crown is hung with a latch – it works like a hinge with a “click” mechanism. This mechanism prevents the crown form spontaneous unfastening. In addition, the product set includes a white plastic back band molding. The fitting has a certified working load weight limit of up to 600 kg!!!

Hanging system:

Track curtain hanging system:
– it is possible to choose the number of tracks in every crown,
– a track system is made from extruded aluminum in 20×14 mm dimensions;
with a manual drive,
– tracks and elements are powder-varnished in white color,
– we offer several types of sliders facilitating smooth and silent movement of curtain & drape fabric,
– it is possible to use the WAVE belt which folds the fabric into an even pattern,
– 2 end caps for each track,

Every crown product set includes:
– the crown of your choice (K0, K1, K2, K3) coated with polyurethane varnish in snowy white color (semi matte)
– installation kit – secured, strong hangers that have increased load.
– track system of your choice: the full range from crowns without any built-in curtain & drape hanging systems to solutions enabling coverage of already installed curtain tracks (up to two tracks – for a curtain and a drape – within one crown).

Covering already installed tracks, rods or roller-blinds:

It is possible to order a crown without any built-in hanging curtain or drape hanging system. This enables coverage of already installed curtain rods or tracks.

Important tips:

Before you decide on this solution, you should keep the following things in mind:

  1. While measuring, you should assess the distance between the ceiling and the upper edge of the window opening. The gap should be big enough to fit a crown.
  2. The length of the crown should be around 40 cm. More than the width of the window opening (add 20 cm on each side), in order to leave space for curtains when they are drawn aside. This is, of course, only a suggestion. You should remember that if you reduce this lengths, your curtains will not have enough space to move and will cover part of the window, which, in turn, will make the window look smaller.
  3. The standard height is 160 mm, in order to fully cover the rod / track including clips and curtain’s edge.
  4. We assumed a standard of depth for crowns, which is 220 mm – this is more than enough to enable smooth and free movement of curtains and drapes.

If, however, standard dimensions, designs or finishes are not appropriate, the important thing to remember is that we are a production company, which gives us the possibility to produce non-standard items perfectly tailored for your individual needs.
We enable high personalization by providing full palette of available colors, flexibility in terms of dimensions, using LED illumination, as well as producing of non-standard crowns according to client’s precise requirements.

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