listwy wykończeniowe premium plus

All our skirting boards are of premium quality, that’s why we named our new line of products Premium Plus, this is a perfect fit for those interested in out-of -ordinary solutions and people who look for ways of self-expression through a high interior design standard.

Classic skirting boards are not always the right solution. It this is the case, you should look for products which will meet your exact expectations and help you create a concise composition.

Finishing materials are certainly supposed to harmonize with flooring, walls and even furnishing of an interior.
White MDF skirting boards will prove to be the best solution for classic-style interiors.

In the case of modern minimalist spaces, in turn, aluminum-coated skirting boards will be the best choice. They can be installed in the living room, kitchen, office space, or even teenager’s room. Aluminum-coated skirting boards are resistant to damage and can be a perfect way to highlight the modern character of an interior.

Skirting boards with a decorative stripe are a perfect idea for those who look for original ways of adding colors to interior design. The color of this decorative element can either be adjusted to the color of walls or create a contrast with it. Skirting boards of this type can be an interesting way of interior decoration.

If you like frequent changes, it is a good idea to install skirting boards with exchangeable decorative stripes made from any kind of magnetic material in the color of your choice. Our clients can choose dimensions and placement of the stripe on the board, which creates great personalization possibilities in order to adjust the product to the individual preferences of our clients. This is also a good idea for those looking for affordable and simple ways of refreshing or redesigning their interiors.

Skirting boards with aluminum covering

Exclusive skirting board with brushed aluminum covering
Available colors: silver brushed ALS, gold brushed ALG and copper brushed ALC.

We also offer printing on skirting boards which guarantees good look, precise color reproduction and photographic accuracy of a picture. Both print and material are highly resistant to external factors. The product can be easily mechanically modified and has higher qualities compared to traditional aluminum sheet.

Skirting boards with a decorative stripe

Skirting boards with a non-exchangeable decorative stripe, which can be sized and placed according to the requirements of our clients. In addition, it is possible to combine several stripes of the same or different width, in a single or multiple colors.

Skirting boards with an exchangeable decorative stripe

Boards of this type have a special hollow and can be fastened with dowels directly on walls, which enables easy tear down any time in the future.

The main advantage is the possibility to choose any color of the board, as well as the color and material of the decorative stripe. Dimensions and placement of a decorative element on the board are chosen by a client. Stripes can be used on any model of product from our offer. The use of magnetic fastening makes it very easy to exchange a stripe. It is possible to order a different color of the stripe – this way we can change our interior at a low cost.

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