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Accessories and supplemental products

In addition to our main products, we also offer a line of accessories and supplemental products:


Installation / decorative corners for skirting boards

Joint points can be problematic, especially for unexperienced users. Keeping that in mind, we created a special type of corners. We can provide a corner for every type of board, fully adjusted to it’s shape. The typical length of a corner is 10 cm.

narożnik montażowy do listew przypodłogowych biały
narożnik montażowy dekoracyjny czarny

An example of use of a black corner for decoration

narożnik montażowy słupkowy 18x18mm

Bar-shaped installation corner 18 x 18 mm

narożnik montażowy słupkowy 22x22mm

Bar-shaped installation corner 22 x 22 mm

Narrowed stripes

In many houses and apartments, the balcony doorway is a problematic area, because installing skirting boards of standard thickness makes it impossible to fully open balcony doors. A lining is a special element, that is made thinner on one side, which makes it possible to fully open patio doors. It is possible to produce this element in any given model, and it’s standard length is 25 cm.

Quarter round

This element is made from lime wood and it is used in areas where a standard skirting board would be too high, for example – along patio doors. It can be also used in interiors where a standard skirting board would be not thick enough to cover an expansion. The typical thickness of a quarter round is 14mmx14mm.

Montage glue

One-component, permanently elastic, flexible, high tack and thick adhesive on MS POLIMER (modified silanes) basis. For fastening of highly loaded elements in construction and manufacturing. Perfect for skirting board and wall panel installation.

  • it’s breakaway strength is up to 22 kg/cm²
  • very short drying time (without water and solvents)
  • when cured, it remains permanently elastic and resistant for external factors (including temperature ranging from –40°C to +90°C)
  • high physical and mechanical resistance (high tolerance to disturbance and vibration)
  • safe to use – does not contain isocyanats, silicones, solvents, polyvinyl chloride and plasticisers
  • nearly odorless and chemically neutral

White acrylic (sealant)

Highly elastic sealant putty on an acrylate dispersion basis. Used to fill joints and gaps between the board and the wall. Because of it’s properties, it can be painted.

  • if forms a strong and elastic bond
  • when completely cured, it can be painted with water-based and synthetic paints.
  • resistant to shrinkage cracking.
  • excellent adhesion (also on wet surfaces)
  • solvent-free (nearly odorless)
  • health – friendly (EMICODE EC1 Plus class – safe for people suffering from allergies and people allergic to construction chemicals)
  • exceptionally easy to form (excellent working qualities)
  • chemically neutral

Aluminum rail system

  • bent rail system made of extruded aluminum
    size 20 × 14 mm, adapted for medium-heavy hanging
    fabrics, with manual drive
  • a perfect solution for all kinds of bay windows, towers, windows
    connected at an angle
  • rails and powder are coated elements in white
  • possibility of point and radial bending of rails
  • quick and easy installation possible by ceiling and wall
    screwed handles
  • the offer includes several types of sliders, including those with bearings, which
    they guarantee a smooth and quiet moving of fabrics
  • the system allows the use of WAVE tape – evenly
    laying a fabric
  • the rail is 580 cm long with the possibility of shortening and making
    sets of curtain rods for individual orders.

Mounting component

Attested mounting element for heavy tasks.

Plate for mounting component

Mounting plate, carrying, galvanized, (right or left).

Masking element for mounting components

Masking cap (right or left).

Cross screwdriver

Screwdriver, bent PHILIPS PH1-PH2.


FI 10 ON KEY 10 – 6x60mm.

10mm wrench

Wrench 10mm, polished.

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