1. In the first phase of production process, we put a primer with insulation on our skirting boards, which makes them extra moisture-resistant.

2. After this, we apply a layer of polyurethane varnish on the product, which protects it against scratches and mechanical damage. Varnished surface stays perfectly smooth, which enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. In the last step, we put a layer of top coat varnish with UV-filter, which ensures long-lasting colors which will not fade for years.

Base primer


We can produce skirting boards in any chosen color available in RAL or NCS palettes, as well as in any gloss level.

We only use the highest quality polyurethane varnishes. That’s why our products are highly resistant to UV rays, which protects them against color fading. We use varnishes that ensure high protection against mechanical and chemical damage. Another very important quality of these materials is that they are resistant to light and intensive scratching, which is crucial for skirting boards.


The standard dimensions of our skirting boards are:

– length: 2,45 m.
– thickness: 16 mm
– heights: 50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm / 125 mm / 150 mm

Based on individual needs of our clients, we can produce skirting boards of any thickness or height. Due to our flexibility in terms of possible dimensions, we can provide a solution for any non-standard format.

Skirting boards with installation service

If order to be able to fully enjoy the effect of properly installed skirting boards, we recommend that you use services of our team of professionals. Proper installation requires both high precision and professional tools.

If, however, you decide to install our products yourself, our team has prepared useful tips for you

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Individual MDF product orders

In order to adjust to individual needs of every client, we offer the possibility to order finishing materials of different kinds or non-standard products based on samples or technical drawings. Our clients can choose any covering, color, kind or thickness of MDF material. Our experienced employees, innovative production technology and cutting-edge machinery create nearly unlimited possibilities of accomplishing various kinds of projects in compliance with technical specifications provided by our clients.

In addition, we provide a broad variety of accessories: corners, linings, quarter-rounds, back band moldings and other finishing materials

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I definitely recommend. A very solid and reliable company. They have a professional approach with every customer. The company offers high quality services at very good prices.

The one thing that comes to my mind – I RECOMMEND! I previously had MDF skirting boards, and at some point I decided to renew my apartment. The skirting boards purchased from DziurskiP are of incomparably better quality than the ones I used to have before. The surface is perfectly smooth and the color doesn’t fade, even though I ordered them in black.

Exceptional quality, pure white color, good varnish, professional installation. I recommend both the installation team and skirting boards. I still enjoy the long-lasting effect.

Very individual approach, on top of that – the work completed right on time, very solid, a wide array of high quality products combined with unlimited possibilities in terms of non-standard size and color solutions. I sincerely RECOMMEND and definitely will come back in the future 🙂

We wanted to hire this particular company to provide skirting boards, the only problem was that we couldn’t pick a model. Mister Przemek combined elements of different products without increasing the price and now we enjoy our own individually tailored design. On top of that, he had accomplished the work in no time, and the quality of coating and varnish is impeccable. Definitely recommend!

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